Lady Gaga的神秘新男友曝光,这背景真不错 | 一周看点

Lady Gaga的神秘新男友曝光,这背景真不错 | 一周看点

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1. Lady Gaga的神秘新男友曝光,这背景真不错


Lady Gaga的神秘新男友终于曝光了。


The singer is dating entrepreneur and investor Michael Polansky, a Harvard graduate who runs Facebook co-founder Sean Parker’s ground-breaking Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.
这个歌手正在和Michael Polansky约会,他是企业家和投资商,毕业于哈佛,管理Facebook联合创始人肖恩·帕克成立的具有开创性的癌症免疫研究所。

Polansky, a Harvard applied mathematics and computer science graduate, is CEO of the San Francisco-based Parker Group, the umbrella organization for Parker’s charitable and business initiatives, including the cancer immunotherapy institute.

Sources say he and Gaga likely have known each other for a while through events Parker has hosted at his LA mansion including for his foundation, and connected again at the social network founder’s birthday party last December.

He and Gaga, 33, were first spotted together in Vegas over New Year’s, then were pictured kissing on the balcony of her rented Miami mansion in the days before her pre-Super Bowl 2020 concert Saturday.

A source said, “Michael is a really smart guy, a very serious guy, who has always been low key. People are saying Gaga would have met him through events Sean Parker has hosted at his house, including the launch and other events for the foundation. Sean also had a party for his birthday in LA in December and both Gaga and Michael were there.”

Polansky was also present at Gaga’s big AT&T TV Super Saturday Night Show at Miami’s Meridian at Island Gardens venue. He was spotted taking in the superstar’s show on a VIP balcony, and chatting to Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta.
Polansky也出现在了Gaga在迈阿密梅里蒂安的AT&T电视超级周六夜场秀的演出现场。有人看到这个超级巨星表演期间他坐在VIP坐席,和Gaga的母亲Cynthia Germanotta聊天。


2. 澳大利亚的大火依旧在烧,现在要烧到首都了


The Rural Fire Service of New South Wales, the state surrounding the capital, warned of severe fire danger for the Australian Capital Territory, with flames and embers projected to spread well inside the region on Saturday. The territory is home to more than 400,000 residents, and nearly half of it is at risk of “ember attack” and flames.

The fires are ramping up amid yet another heat wave in the region, with temperatures topping 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Under these conditions, a number of fires will spread and may threaten properties. Embers may be blown ahead of fires and could start spot fires,” according to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

“If you’re in one of these areas, you may be impacted by fire. If your plan is to leave, leave early and avoid being in these areas during the heat of the day.”

Forecasters also expected some rain in the region this weekend, but not enough to quench the blazes. In fact, the storms could make fire risks worse.

“On Sunday, showers and storms will affect eastern New South Wales and the ACT, but as moisture dissipates, the risk of dry lightning and erratic fire behavior increases, which will be a real concern for major fires in the Canberra region,” said Jonathan How, a meteorologist with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, during a weather bulletin.
澳大利亚气象局的气象学家Jonathan How在播报天气时说:“周日,阵雨和风暴会影响新南威尔士东部和澳大利亚首都地区。但随着水分消散,干燥闪电和不稳定的火灾风险会增加,而这正是民众对堪培拉地区大火真正担心之处。”



3. 177个新Emoji表情即将推出



The Unicode Consortium, which administers the emoji we all know and love, has announced the first group of new emoji for 2020.

Officially the group is known as “Emoji 13.0” and includes 62 new emoji along with 55 gender and skin-tone variants for a total of 117 new emoji coming to your phone.
新表情官方名称是“Emoji 13.0”,包含62个新表情以及55个性别和肤色种类,你手机上总共会有117个新的表情符号。

The new group of emoji features new gender-inclusive options including both men and women in tuxes, in wedding dresses, and bottle-feeding a baby. Other firsts are a transgender flag and a transgender symbol.

Then, of course, there are tons of new creatures, body parts, people, and items including pinched fingers, an anatomical heart, lungs, a ninja, a black cat, a mammoth, a dodo, a weird-looking seal, a worm, an olive, a tamale, fondu, bubble tea, a roller skate, a piñata, nesting dolls, a mouse trap, a plunger, a headstone, and more.



4. 肯德基新推出人造素食炸鸡,大受好评



In a hip hotel in Chicago’s West Loop, nestled among more Michelin-starred restaurants than I can count, KFC has presented me with a carefully plated presentation of chubby chicken chunks on a rectangular white plate.
芝加哥West Loop区米其林星级餐厅多得我都数不清,我在一家精品酒店里的肯德基点了一份摆盘精美的鸡肉块,鸡块放在长方形白色盘子里。

The first is your standard, plain tan. The second, a honey BBQ. The third, drenched in buffalo sauce. And the final features an oily coating of Nashville hot spice.

Sitting amid lavish bouquets of bell peppers, turnips, Brussels sprouts, and other vegetables, I take my first bite of vegan* KFC.

KFC’s new Beyond Fried Chicken will be available in nearly 100 stores in Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville; and surrounding areas from February 3 to February 23.

Produced by Beyond Meat exclusively for KFC, if it sells and customers like it, a nationwide release will follow at an undisclosed date.
这是Beyond Meat公司专门为肯德基生产的,如果上市以后受到消费者欢迎,将在全国范围内推广,上市时间待定。

Back in Chicago in my fancy tasting room, a 3-foot-tall cutout of the Colonel himself looks on from a green wall as I tried the undressed plant nugget for the first time. My teeth pierce the crunchy fried coating and shred through the meat.

It tastes like a doggone piece of chicken—and not just any piece of chicken, but a KFC piece of chicken with hints of those 11 herbs and spices.

I fork and knife my way through the honey BBQ (perfectly too sweet, and the coating still crunchy), the buffalo (a touch vinegary for my taste but offering the uncanny aftertaste of chicken), and the Nashville (the deep pepper flavor has respectable heat that hits me a delightful 10 seconds later).

肯德基出售人造肉并非是人造肉在快餐行业的最大举动,去年邓肯甜甜圈Dunkin’(美国第四大连锁快餐)的三明治和单品里就已经有Beyond Meat的早餐香肠了,其强劲对手Impossible公司在汉堡王(排名第六)推出了素食皇堡。


5. 卡戴珊给麦当劳做广告惊呆网友:吃鸡块蘸蜂蜜?



Over on Twitter, Arturo instantly copy-edited Kim's order to read *honey mustard.* This prompted an ALL CAPS response from mother of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. As it turns out, Kim HATES HONEY MUSTARD, and Arturo is unlikely to forget it.
Arturo立刻在推特上复制编辑了金的点餐单,写道“蜂蜜芥末”,随后“mother of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm”在评论中单词全用大写:其实,金讨厌蜂蜜芥末,Arturo不可能忘记的。

Twitter user Colin mused, "I gotta try dipping my chicken nuggets in honey."

Kim's response suggested that the entire planet dips their chicken nuggets in honey. Are we all living in a bubble? Or is she?

"WHATTTT?" replied. "Chicken nuggets dipped in honey is the ONLY way to eat them!"

Can I just be a skeptic here for a moment and ponder if this is all just really built-in marketing for Kim's perfume, which is called "Pure Honey" and available on Amazon? Just thinking out loud ...

While Kim's dipping sauce stole the spotlight, her complete McDonald's order included much more: six chicken nuggets with honey dipping sauce, a cheeseburger, a small fries, and a vanilla milkshake.

In an unlikely move, Kim seems to have one-upped Kanye in the controversy spear. His order of six-piece chicken nuggets, tangy BBQ sauce, a chocolate McFlurry, and small fries garnered significantly less attention.



6. 中国手机在印度持续热卖,Vivo超过三星成第二大品牌



Chinese firm Vivo surpassed Samsung to become the second biggest smartphone vendor in India in Q4 2019. Xiaomi,  with command over 27% of the market, maintained its top spot in the nation for the tenth consecutive quarter.

Vivo’s annual smartphone shipment grew 76% in 2019. The Chinese firm’s aggressive positioning of its budget S series of smartphones — priced between $100 to $150 (the sweet spot in India) — in the brick and mortar market and acceptance of e-commerce sales helped it beat Samsung, said Counterpoint analysts.

Vivo’s market share jumped 132% between Q4 of 2018 and Q4 of 2019, according to the research firm.

Realme has taken the Indian market by storm. The two-year-old firm has replicated Xiaomi’s playbook in the country and so far focused on selling aggressively low-cost Android smartphones online.

Vivo and Oppo, on the other hand, have over the years expanded to smaller cities and towns in the country and inked deals with merchants. The companies have offered merchants fat commission to incentivize them to promote their handsets over those of the rivals.



7. 蜂蜜是个不环保的产业,对人类和蜜蜂都有害




Although the creation of honey is a natural process, humans extract far more honey from bees than they would otherwise create naturally. As a result, bees can suffer during all stages of industrialized honey production.

Honey is created when bees suck the nectar out of a flower, regurgitate it, and process it with other bees back at the hive.

In their natural states, they use this honey as a food source during winter. But on honey farms, beekeepers take that honey and replace it with a cheap sugar substitute—one that’s insufficient to meet honeybees’ nutritional needs.

As a result, honeybees die of over-exhaustion attempting to reproduce the honey that they require; others die of starvation or malnutrition, while others develop weakened immune systems and contract diseases.

Moreover, the negative consequences of industrial honey production extend far beyond the bees themselves. The honey industry also exacerbates an existing problem, a rather catastrophic one that has the potential to wreak havoc not only on bees, but on humanity itself.



8. 新研究:猫和主人的关系可能比狗更亲


This may not come as a huge surprise to those who live with cat companions, but it suggests two important things. Firstly, it looks like we've underestimated the depth of the bond cats can form with their people. Additionally, it shows that dogs don't have a monopoly on secure social bonding with Homo sapiens.

"Like dogs, cats display social flexibility in regard to their attachments with humans," said animal scientist Kristyn Vitale of Oregon State University in September 2019.
2019年9月份俄勒冈州立大学动物科学家Kristyn Vitale说:“猫和狗一样会灵活地跟人类建立关系。

"The majority of cats are securely attached to their owner and use them as a source of security in a novel environment."

In their behavioural experiment, the research team observed how cats respond to their owners in a strange environment. Previous research on rhesus monkeys (the controversial wire mother experiments reported in 1958) and dogs (a much more ethically sound experiment reported last year) had shown that both species form secure and insecure attachments.

In a secure attachment, a dog in a strange environment will, upon being reunited with their humans, relax and continue to explore. An insecure attachment, on the other hand, will see the dog continue exhibiting stress behaviour, either clinging excessively to the human, or avoiding them as much as possible.



9. 美国批准了首个治疗花生过敏的药




After that, users must continue to take a daily dose to be able to tolerate accidental exposure.

The treatment is not a cure and makers warn that the risk of a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction remains.

And patients must continue to avoid peanuts in their diet.

Peanuts are the most common food allergen in the US, with an increase in the number of those affected by food allergies across the West in recent decades.

While trials to desensitise patients with peanut allergies have previously taken place in the US and elsewhere, the drug is the first to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drug has not yet been authorised for use in the UK.

Palforzia, which has been approved for use in patients aged between four and 17, comes in the form of a powder which is sprinkled on food.



10. 新研究:女人在职场中更需要被人喜欢




Experiments have found that when people are placed in pairs, the contributions of both male and female workers depend on how they feel about their female partner. Basically, the authors explain, in pretty much every interaction a woman has in the workplace, 'likeability' is either an asset or a hurdle.

"For men, on the other hand, likeability matters only if they interact with the opposite sex," they add.

In all-male groups, being likeable was neither an asset nor a hurdle. In the study, male participants cooperated and coordinated to the same extent, regardless of their feelings towards one another. Only in mixed groups did they appear more sensitive to the perceptions of others.

"As soon as one of them (or both) is a woman, however, the situation changes," the authors describe.

"Then, likeability considerations become relevant, turning low likeability into a disruptive factor - in a sense an exogenous 'hurdle' - that impedes successful co-operation and reduces performance outcomes. Women always face this potential hurdle, men don't."



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